We do many different media services within our company. Specifically, we build all the subproducts needed to create video games. We do much of the work on our own. We do modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, scene creation, storyboards, scripting, program management, and programming. It is a lot to do. We like to note that because much of the game is built by the company, it is expensive.

The LDS market is small in comparison to the entire US population. We do charge for our apps. This is because of the small market size. We do charge reasonable prices for the products. It is disappointing how some feel that our services should be free and complain that we have a price associated with our product. Other monetization models include ads, in-app purchases, and sponsors. We do not have a sponsor and the market is too small for ads or in-app purchases. Please remember, we have families that need to live. Yet we see other LDS products that have much higher purchasing costs, such as music and movies, that people gladly pay premium prices. We appreciate your purchases and support your support into our business. We could not operate without you!